The first step in enjoying Death Stranding is accepting that it is weird as shit. The second is knowing that most things, odd as the explanations might be, will be explained to you eventually. Actually, a lot of the parts that feel esoteric and impenetrable are actually extremely simple. The game is overwritten and highly artful and this can create in the player the belief that things must be more so much more complicated than they seem — often, the opposite is true, things look a lot more complicated than they are.

Art by Ilya Tulyakov

One of the subtle ways the location feels…

Art by Piotr Jabłoński

I think it’s fair to say that the Dishonored games are perfect in terms of their atmosphere. Each tight, contained level bursts at the seams with the close attention paid to every inch of it. …


Upon her first introduction in Pink Flamingos (1972), Connie Marbles is described by John Waters’ biting voiceover as a “jealous pervert” and is pictured with her shocking bright red hair and blue jacket, flanked by a backdrop of flowers and appearing like an acidic 1950’s secretary. Her look is constructed to compliment her character’s personality, particularly in this first scene in which she drawls on at length to a woman being unsuited to for the position of assisting her and her husband with ruining Divine’s fame. Despite having a far more ‘put-together’ veneer, one that Divine does not have, her…

My kind of trash

Part of what makes cult film audiences with an affinity for camp unique is their way of viewing trashy efforts like Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls, a film that was in no way attempting to be bad, and seeing things to appreciate in it, or “turning the worst piece of trash into gold (Osterweil 2003). …

I watched El Camino three times and rewatched Breaking Bad yet again and now I’m ready to write about the movie. I’m pretty sure I like it.

‘Breaking Bad — Pilot’, (AMC)

Jesse Pinkman has been going where the universe takes him since the very first time we meet him all the way back in the first season of Breaking Bad. From that moment when he inadvertently locks eyes with his former high school Chemistry teacher/the worst person ever, Jesse has been pushed and pulled in every direction, each set of grasping hands dragging him somewhere more horrible than the last, and tearing off little pieces of him to boot. That’s why, even though the movie wasn’t perfect or exactly what I was initially wanting out of it in every sense, I…

Emma Jones (EJ)

I am a Writer and Editor based in Barnsley, UK.

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